The host institution of the Milieu Intérieur project is Institut Pasteur, Paris. Pr Lluis Quintana-Murci and Dr Darragh Duffy jointly coordinate the project.  

Project coordination

The multidisciplinary, integrative nature of this project is highlighted by the dual leadership provided by Dr. Darragh Duffy and Prof. Lluis Quintana-Murci. Together, they have worked to federate this LabEx project, bringing their combined expertise in Translational Immunology and Human Genetics.

The project associates 45 teams from the scientific (Institut Pasteur, Institut Curie, Institut Imagine, Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord, Université de Paris, INSERM, CNRS, EPFL, Karolinska Institutet and Trinity College Dublin), medical (Georges Pompidou, Cochin and Saint Louis Hospitals) and industrial sectors (Institut Roche; MYRIAD-RBM, Genentech). 

The Consortium governance structures comprises of:

  • Steering Committee

  • Monitoring Committee

  • Scientific Advisory Board

  • Data and Sample Access Committee 

Steering Committee

The steering committee is the major decision-making body of the consortium: led by the two coordinators and composed of representatives of all institutional partners, it meets once per year. 

Monitoring Committee

The monitoring committee is the internal advisory board, which is led by the coordinators and composed of the members of the steering committee, leaders or members of the academic teams and representatives of the industrial partners. This committee will meet at least once a year. If possible the steering and monitoring committees will be held together and will include scientific seminar series and working groups to discuss the establishment of procedures and the troubleshooting of active technological challenges.

Milieu Intérieur holds an annual meeting every year to keep all those working on the project abreast of the past achievements, ongoing studies and future plans. This is also an opportunity for everyone working on the project to share ideas and provide input on the progress of the project. In 2020 the annual meeting was held entirely online, with participants from 4 continents attending the conference.
Read the Milieu Intérieur 2020 Annual Meeting Report

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board has a consultative role and includes up to 6 external internationally-recognized experts, will meet every 2 years, and provides independent expertise on scientific strategy. The next Scientific Advisory Board of the Milieu Intérieur Project will take place in 2022.

Data and Sample Access Committee

The Data and Sample Sharing Committee reviews all requests (internal and external) for data or sample access, ensuring that they are in line with the project aims and utilized correctly, ethically and collaboratively. This committee is composed of the coordinators, consortium scientists and management. Read more about the projects approved by the Data and Sample Access Committee. Click here to know more about the collaborations approved by this committee.

How to collaborate with us

Researchers can obtain access to the Milieu Intérieur data, biological samples and methodology by submitting a research proposal to:

Current collaborations