The MI cohort

The Milieu Intérieur Consortium has established a 1,000-person healthy donor population, creating an unparalleled opportunity for assessing the determinants of human immunologic variance.  

The publication - The Milieu Intérieur study - an integrative approach for study of human immunological variance – describes the cohort in detail.

1,000 healthy donors 

Image depicting the Milieu Intérieur cohort created by Dr. Etienne Patin
Image depicting the Milieu Intérieur cohort created by Dr. Etienne Patin

1,000 healthy volunteers (1:1 sex ratio; stratified across 5 decades of life from 20 to 69 years of age) were recruited.

We obtained:

  1. A 44-page questionnaire (electronic Case Report Form) of lifestyle and demographic variables to delineate the factors characterizing a healthy immune response.

  2. Whole blood for immune phenotyping, immune stimulation and genomic analysis.

  3. Faecal samples and nasal swabs for metagenomic studies of microbiota.

  4. Punch skin biopsies were also taken to generate primary fibroblast lines and induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (from selected donors) to enable mechanistic studies.

Read the Clinical Protocol  - "Genetic & Environmental Determinants Of Immune Phenotype variance: Establishing A Path Towards Personalized Medicine (ID-RCB Number: 2012-A00238-35)".
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Researchers can obtain access to the Milieu Intérieur data, biological samples and methodology by submitting a research proposal to:

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