Access to MI data and samples

The Milieu Intérieur project consist of a very well characterised set of healthy donor samples and data from 1,000 healthy donors for the study of immune responses

To access the data you will have to fill-out the Milieu Intérieur data and sample request form (DOWNLOAD THE FORM), with details about your project and send it back to us at

We will then discuss your request during a Data and Sample Access Committee meeting. The committee decides whether your request satisfies the scientific and regulatory conditions. We will then write back to you and let you know if your request is granted.

If the request is granted, you will also hear from the MI Project Manager and/or Data Manager with details on accessing the data and/or samples.

How to collaborate with us

Researchers can obtain access to the Milieu Intérieur data, biological samples and methodology by submitting a research proposal to:

Current collaborations