MI-V3 10 Year longitudinal study

Given the richness of the datasets available, and the experience we have gained as a multi-disciplinary consortium, we are well-positioned to assess temporal variability among the “healthy” donor population.

We are in the process of conducting a 10-yr follow-up assessment of the MI cohort.

The objective of this study is to understand the effects of aging, genetics and environmental exposures on immune variation ina previously well-defined healthy population.

We are in the process of conducting a longitudinal study of the MI donors who are coming back to provide blood, stool, nasal swabs along with medical and demographic data. Whole blood will be used for methylation analysis and selected TruCulture stimuli, faecal, and nasal samples to mirror existing data sets and allow a longitudinal assessment of immune response variability. 

For the analysis of the data, we will focus on questions related to aging, epigenetic changes, microbiome stability and key induced immune responses. We will pay special attention to factors that characterize individuals who no longer meet our initial criteria of a “healthy donor” (e.g., obesity, hypertension or other common conditions) and assess the impact of these changes on immune response variation. 

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