Milieu Intérieur welcomes PhD Students (2021-2024)

Date: 03 October 2021

In the PhD call held in 2020, 3 projects were selected that aim to leverage the data of the Milieu Intérieur cohort for understanding immune variability. The MI team welcomes three excellent PhD students who have been funded to work on these projects for 3 years. 

PhD students

Gaston Rijo will work on understanding how population genetic diversity is linked to human disease, Lea Deltourbe will research the impact of hormone signaling on immunity to UTI and Elizabeth Maloney will study mechanisms of variability in immunometabolic responses.

All projects will utilize MI data and samples to study different questions attesting the value of MI data being utilised to answer diverse scientific topics.

These are exciting years not just for the students but also for the MI project.

Bonne chance à vous trois!

How to collaborate with us

Researchers can obtain access to the Milieu Intérieur data, biological samples and methodology by submitting a research proposal to:

Current collaborations